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@monnand monnand released this Nov 15, 2013 · 1 commit to fe9fdc1f676414a3a08b8abb312df472a4251404 since this release


This release contains some minor bug fix and improvements.


  • bugfix Correctly change from sandbox to production environment in APNS. This fixed issue 33.
  • bugfix If a connection pool connecting with APNS closed, then any Close() operation on connections from the pool will cause a panic. This is a bug in connpool, and fixed in issue 37.
  • improvement APNS: add content-available support. Fixed issue 36.
  • improvement Set Keepalive for all TCP connections. In this case, we can discover connection failure quickly. Fixed issue 38.
  • improvement @ is a valid character in subscriber and service names. Fixed issue 39.
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