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Release 2.3.0

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@TysonAndre TysonAndre released this 18 Jul 17:31
· 121 commits to master since this release
  • New feature: Add /previewpush endpoint to preview the payload that would be
    generated and sent to push services. (Issue #140)
    This helps with debugging.
  • Maintenance: Update APNS binary provider API(default) from version 1 to version 2.
  • Maintenance: Upgrade to redis.v5 (Issue #143)
  • New provider: Add FCM support. (Issue #148)
    The parameters that would be provided to /addpsp, /subscribe, and /push are
    the same as they would be for GCM. (Replace "gcm" with "fcm" when following instructions)
  • New feature: Add support APNS HTTP2 API (Issue #157, PR #173)
    This gives more accurate results on whether a push succeeded,
    and should not impact Uniqush's performance.
    To set this up, call /addpsp (to create a new provider or modify an
    existing provider) with the same params you would use to create a new
    APNS endpoint for binary providers (including cert and key),
    in addition to providing bundleid.
    Currently, to make testing easy, each call to /push must be provided with
    the query param value uniqush.http=1.
    Otherwise, uniqush continues to use the APNS binary provider API.
  • Maintenance: Use unescaped payloads for GCM and FCM.
    This allows larger payloads, avoiding escaping characters such as < and >

Fixes #134

go 1.8.3+ and an up to date version of
are suggested (For the APNS HTTP2 API).