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Uniqys Kit

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WARNING: Uniqys Kit is still in beta version, and we may still make some breaking changes.

Uniqys Kit is a framework for building Decentralized Applications (or DApps). It is designed for web developers to easily build DApps; just like you always build your web app.

For details, visit our project website and documentation.

Also, feedbacks are appreciated via GitHub issues, Gitter, or Twitter.


Uniqys Kit has two main components:

  • Chain Core: Builds and manages a blockchain on a Tendermint consensus algorithm.
  • Easy Framework: A framework for developers to create DApps without being aware of the blockchain.

These two packages were designed to remove some of the current obstacles in creating or using DApps.


  • Chain Core establishes an application-friendly blockchain network.
    • Scalable: Creates a single blockchain for every single DApp.
    • Fast: Instant finality and high transaction throughput are obtained with the Tendermint algorithm.
    • Flexible: Developers can decide the most suitable transaction fees and incentives to the network maintainer.
  • Easy Framework achieves "DApp development ≒ Web app development".
    • Building a REST API and a frontend is all you need to do to develop a DApp.
    • No programming language restriction.
    • Data storing on blockchain can be done with using a pre-existing Memcached library.
    • Sending a transaction is sending a signed HTTP request.
  • Track external events (i.e. Ethereum Events) in the blockchain network so that it can become a side chain.

How Does It Work?

Please check our documentation.

Getting Started

Installing via npm

$ npm install -g @uniqys/cli

Creating a DApp

Check our Get Started documentation for instruction.


Setup for nodenv

$ nodenv install


$ npm ci
# This project is created as monorepo. Bootstrap runs automatically after install.


$ npm run build


$ npm test

Trying Samples

After building Uniqys Kit, please see the packages/samples directory to try our samples.


License for each package in Uniqys Kit is different. Some packages are under the Apache License Version 2.0, and the others are under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.

Please refer to LICENSE file under each package.