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This is a higher order component ("HOC"). It's an advanced pattern used in React that let you reuse code logic, it can be summarized as a component factory. It improves isolation, interoperability and maintainability of your code base.

hoc-react-loader's purpose is to call a load callback passed through the props of a component only once (at componentWillMount). This is convenient to load data from a backend for instance. The component shows a loading indicator when it's waiting for the props to be defined. The loading indicator can be changed easily.


import React from 'react'
import loader from '@hoc-react-loader/core'

const Component = ({ data }) => <div>Component {JSON.stringify(data)}</div>
const load = props => console.log(props)

export default loader({ print: ['data'], load })(Component)

In this example load will be called at first mount, then the wrapped Component will be printed only if is truthy.

load function can be the moment you ask for your API data.


You can test some examples here.

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