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Twitter Reply Bot discovers customers and people searching for a help (free version)
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Twitter Reply Bot (explorer) runs 24/7

Twitter Reply Bot with a database (remembers users, doesn't contact twice the same one, doesn't repeat), recognize/match synonyms with regex, synonymic randomizer (it doesn't repeat vocabulary), etc... and discovers customers (they don't have to make any prior contact) and people searching for help (who wanna hire you). This is the free version (so it's uncustomized for a paticular business needs (profile of activities) for a specific case that requires the customization, additional work).

What is the deal?

To run 24/7 and spend another time in research, you need 4-6 people (they don't work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, you need 3 human workers per day and others to cover holidays and sick leave). If you live in an expensive country like the UK, it would costs you £80.000+ per year. Can you get the work power of 6 people for free? If you don't think that you can do it just by yourself and need will need a help, I'm amazingly cheap (you already see that none rich gives an open source, that's not the way) and you already see that my code obviously works. Feel free to contact me and any consultation (talks) will be for free, then the programming work is charged with a fixed price (an agreement without surprises) per any project/results, not hourly.

alt text alt text alt text

Twitter automotion rules:

Twitter rate limits:

Register your app (to get a permission) and get the access info ( you copy and paste it into config.json):

Change config.json, the configuration file:

Change the urls in this file:

Add more blocks and customize answers:

On the bottom (regex):

nohup (a shell command):


  1. Python 3.
  2. libraries, install:

    pip install sqlite3 tweepy json datetime time random json itertools random string datetime

For a premium version with GUI and many more functionalities (also on demand):

Important disclaimer:

  1. The software is provided as it is without any warranty or responsibility from the side of the author. If it will cause any damages, you'll think that you were kidnapped and raped by aliens (or whatever else you do or don't think that can really happen) then it's not the responsibility of the author. Think twice before you use it.

  2. It's only for educational purposes. Any illegal activity is only on your own responsibility (in some countries can be illegal to scrap some kinds of data) so it's only your problem, I didn't say that you should use the software. The software was released under GNU/GPL license so you can feel very free to do almost whatever you want but the software has been released only for educational purposes (e.g. to read the code, see how it works, and crawl own websites), nothing else. This doesn't mean that you are not free to crawl, scrap, and extract data (if the law of your country does allow it) from websites, it only means that the author doesn't say you should/ought/may do it, the author of the software doesn't say almost anything except the mention that this software is released for educational purposes.

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