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Find file Copy path
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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Unison! This file lists all contributors going forward, ordered by date added to this file. If you've been asked to add your name here as part of a PR, add it to the end of the list. If you like, after your name you can also put a small blurb about what areas of Unison you've worked on. (Examples below) Feel free to update your blurb from time to time.

All contributions to Unison are licensed in the same way: the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for details. GitHub's Terms of Service specifically call out that when you contribute code to a project on GitHub such as Unison, it's licensed using that project's existing license. This has always been the expectation and open source wouldn't work very well if it weren't the case, but we're just calling attention to it. (Btw, if the GitHub Terms of service link is broken, please let a committer know.)


The format for this list: name, GitHub handle, and then optional blurb about what areas of Unison you've worked on.

  • Paul Chiusano (@pchiusano) - I've worked on just about all aspects of Unison: overall design, typechecker, runtime, parser...
  • Arya Irani (@aryairani) - Ditto
  • Rúnar Bjarnason (@runarorama) - Typechecker, runtime, parser, code serialization
  • Chris Gibbs (@atacratic) - Pretty-printer
  • Noah Haasis (@noahhaasis) - Tool that makes improving the error messages easier
  • Francis De Brabandere (@francisdb)
  • Matt Dziuban (@mrdziuban)
  • Ben Fradet (@BenFradet)
  • Billy Kaplan (@billy1kaplan)
  • Tomas Mikula (@TomasMikula)
  • William Carroll (@wpcarro)
  • Scott Christopher (@scott-christopher)
  • Alex Zolotko (@azolotko)
  • Ian Denhardt (@zenhack)
  • Mitchell Rosen (@mitchellwrosen)
  • Ian Jeffries (@seagreen)
  • Silvino Escalona (@sunrisem)
  • James Sully (@sullyj3)
  • Prat Tana (@pt2121)
  • Jonas De Vuyst (@jdevuyst)
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