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Read this first if you would like to help us with alpha testing of Unison

Welcome to Unison

If you want to help alpha test Unison, you are in the right place. This document gives a quick project status update and rough roadmap for future work, so you have some idea of what to expect.

What's in this release?

This alpha release (which we're calling "Milestone 1" or "M1") is mostly focused on the core Unison language and its tooling. With this release, you should be able to to write new Unison code using other Unison libraries and publish new code yourself. The tools you'll use for this are just your preferred text editor and the Unison codebase manager. The codebase manager is an all-in-one tool you'll get to know well that handles everything other than text editing related to working with Unison code: typechecking it, running it, browsing the codebase, refactoring, publishing, and so on.

There are very few libraries in this M1 release and the distributed programming example you'll run to get started is just a toy that simulates execution locally. You will not hear us claiming that we've solved distributed programming or anything like that. Over the next 6 months, with the foundations of the language and tooling now laid down, we do plan to start rolling out real libraries for doing distributed programming in Unison, and that will be pretty exciting. 😀

What's next?

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