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UNIT9 presents VIVID. A WebVR experiment, where users make fireworks explode by matching three rockets of the same colour.

Vivid pushes the boundaries of WebVR

With Vivid, UNIT9 Digital has pushed the boundaries of WebVR. Using real time graphics built in WebGL, the team have created a stunning WebVR experiment. You simply need a smartphone and cardboard and you can begin a fireworks display in WebVR. Give it a try here on your smartphone.

WebVR Experiment

Getting Started

# Clone the project.
git clone

# Enter the project directory.
cd vivid

# Install npm dependencies.
npm install

# Initialize development server at localhost:8080.
npm run dev

NPM Scripts


npm run dev

Spins up a Webpack development server at localhost:8080 and keeps track of all JavaScript and SASS changes to files. Only reloads automatically upon save of JavaScript files.


npm run build

Cleans existing build folder while linting JavaScript folder and then copies over the public folder from src. Then sets environment to production and compiles JavaScript and CSS into build.


You can run any of these individually if you'd like with the npm run command:

  • prebuild - Cleans build folder and lints src/js folder using semi-standard.
  • clean - Cleans the build folder.
  • lint - Runs lint on src/js folder and uses .eslintrc file in root as linting rules.
  • webpack-server - Create webpack-dev-server with hot-module-replacement.
  • webpack-watch - Run Webpack in development environment with watch.
  • dev:sass - Run node-sass on src/css folder and output to src/public and watch for changes.
  • dev:js - Run Webpack in development environment without watch.
  • build:dir - Copy files and folders from src/public to build.
  • build:sass - Run node-sass on src/css and output compressed CSS to build folder.
  • build:js - Run Webpack in production environment.


A WebVR experiment, where users make fireworks explode by matching three rockets of the same colour. 🎉






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