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United Manufacturing Hub

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The United Manufacturing Hub is an Open-Source Helm chart for Kubernetes, which combines state-of -the-art IT / OT tools & technologies and brings them into the hands of the engineer.

What can you do with it?

  1. Extract data from the shopfloor via Node-RED, sensorconnect and barcodereader
  2. Contextualize and standardize data using Node-RED and our pre-defined datamodel (which is compliant with multiple standards)
  3. Exchange and store data using MQTT, Kafka and TimescaleDB / PostgreSQL,
  4. Visualize data using Grafana and factoryinsight

Get started


All source code is distributed under the APACHE LICENSE, VERSION 2.0. See LICENSE for more information. All other components (e.g. trademarks, images, logos, documentation, publications), especially those in the /docs folder, are property of the respective owner.

About our current version 0.x.x.

Our current release, has been deployed and tested at a number of industrial sites worldwide and has proven to be stable in a variety of environments. While we have not yet reached a final version 1.0.0, this is typical for infrastructure projects that require extensive year-long testing and evaluation before a release. We are confident in the stability and reliability of our current release, which has been thoroughly tested over the past few years. As an open-source project, we welcome community involvement and feedback in the ongoing development and refinement of our software. We are committed to ensuring that our software is reliable and ready for deployment in industrial settings.


To get started with development, please refer to our development guide.


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