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A shared commons of data and tools for the United States. Made by the public, used by the public.

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  1. Members of the United States Congress, 1789-Present, in YAML/JSON/CSV, as well as committees, presidents, and vice presidents.

    Python 1.8k 481

  2. congress Public

    Public domain data collectors for the work of Congress, including legislation, amendments, and votes.

    Python 795 176

  3. Sending electronic written messages to members of Congress by reverse engineering their contact forms.

    Python 608 219

  4. A package for easily working with US and state metadata

    Python 433 65

  5. GeoJSON and other shape files for the federal legislative districts of the US.

    241 88

  6. citation Public

    Legal citation extractor, via command line, JavaScript, or HTTP. See a live example at:

    JavaScript 204 42


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