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This project gathers and produces public domain data about legislation in Congress. See the README for how to set up this project to run locally. Also see congress-legislators for related data about Members of Congress. This project is a part of theunitedstates.io.


Our scrapers output both JSON and XML. Currently only the JSON format is documented. See:

Download in bulk

Bulk downloads of the data are provided by some of the maintainers.

Data from GovTrack.us

Current and archival data is available from GovTrack using the rsync protocol. See the instructions. The data available includes bill metadata (including historical bill data), bill text (MODS, plain text, XML, and historical bill text), votes, committee meetings, and amendments.

Old data from the Sunlight Foundation

Archival bill data is available for public download, hosted by the Sunlight Foundation. You can download ZIP files containing a JSON file for every bill in each Congress since 1973. Data for the current Congress is refreshed nightly. There is no need to download it more frequently than this; the official sources are not updated in real time.

113th Congress - updated nightly

112th Congress - 2011-2012 107th Congress - 2001-2002 102nd Congress - 1991-1992 97th Congress - 1981-1982
111th Congress - 2009-2010 106th Congress - 1999-2000 101st Congress - 1989-1990 96th Congress - 1979-1980
110th Congress - 2007-2008 105th Congress - 1997-1998 100th Congress - 1987-1988 95th Congress - 1977-1978
109th Congress - 2005-2006 104th Congress - 1995-1996 99th Congress - 1985-1986 94th Congress - 1975-1976
108th Congress - 2003-2004 103rd Congress - 1993-1994 98th Congress - 1983-1984 93rd Congress - 1973-1974