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bioguide: A000360
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Pro-Life/Family Values: Prolife
Adoption (Domestic): Adoption_US
Adoption (Foreign): Adoption_FOR
Agriculture: Agriculture
Animal Rights: Animal_Rights
Banking and Finance: Banking
Budget and Spending: Budget
Campaign Finance: Campaign_Finance
Casework: Casework
Civil Rights: Civil_Rights
Defense: Defense
Economy: Economy
Education: Education
Energy: Energy
Environment/Conservation: Environment
Food and Drug Administration: FDA
Foreign Affairs: Foreign_Affairs
Guns and Firearms: Guns_Firearms
Government Affairs: Government_Affairs
Health Care: Health_Care
Health Care - Medicaid: Health_Care_MCAID
Health Care - Medicare: Health_Care_MCARE
Health Care - Mental Health: Health_Care_MNTLHLTH
Health Care - Obamacare: Health_Care_OBAMACARE
Homeland Security: Homeland_Security
Housing: HOUSING
Immigration: Immigration
"Internet / Radio / TV,Telecommunications": Information_Technology
Judicial Issues: Judicial_Issues
Labor Issues: Labor_Issues
Music Issues: Music_Issues
National Parks: National_Parks
Postal Service: Postal_Service
"Science, Technology, NASA": SCI_TECH_NASA
Small Business: Small_Business
Social Security: Social_Security
Taxes: Taxes
Trade: Trade
Transportation: Transportation
Veterans Issues: Veterans
Welfare: Welfare
"Eagle Scout / Gold Award, Birthday, and Retirement": Special_Requests
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- value: document.querySelector("#field_3CA100BD-F184-449F-B615-9B13BE70A991").value = document.querySelector("#field_3CA100BD-F184-449F-B615-9B13BE70A991").value.replace(/"/g, '');
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