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bioguide: C000174
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selector: "#field_720EA1C4-9CA9-4A9F-8FE8-BE45DE350FAB"
value: $NAME_FIRST
required: true
- name: field_DDDC1A32-888A-4713-B1A6-AC8661C856A6
selector: "#field_DDDC1A32-888A-4713-B1A6-AC8661C856A6"
value: $NAME_LAST
required: true
- name: field_E5BBA595-CD12-4F4B-AEE5-93B1B7A4BC80
selector: "#field_E5BBA595-CD12-4F4B-AEE5-93B1B7A4BC80"
required: true
- name: field_C72971E3-4513-4297-9371-32547398C5A2
selector: "#field_C72971E3-4513-4297-9371-32547398C5A2"
required: true
- name: field_57CB6741-6128-4F6B-9116-2F777AA90830
selector: "#field_57CB6741-6128-4F6B-9116-2F777AA90830"
value: $ADDRESS_ZIP5
required: true
- name: field_ACFFD452-B139-413D-8E0F-72046D4635D9
selector: "#field_ACFFD452-B139-413D-8E0F-72046D4635D9"
value: $EMAIL
required: true
- name: field_52700AB6-009C-4E83-9962-6015E086D1AC
selector: "#field_52700AB6-009C-4E83-9962-6015E086D1AC"
value: $MESSAGE
required: true
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- name: field_7984AAE2-A365-4C2A-9E03-C53E3718970E
selector: "#field_7984AAE2-A365-4C2A-9E03-C53E3718970E"
required: true
- Mr.
- Mr. and Mr.
- Mrs.
- Mrs. and Mrs.
- Ms.
- Mr. and Mrs.
- Dr.
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selector: "#field_9FA2D12A-DC4D-4725-99CA-DFD388CA0806"
value: $TOPIC
required: true
Agriculture: Agriculture
Amtrak: Amtrak
Animal Rights: Animal Rights
Arts and Humanities: Arts and Humanities
Banking: Banking
Budget: Budget
Campaign Finance: Campaign Finance
Civil Rights: Civil Rights
Consumer Safety: Consumer Safety
Crime: Crime
Defense: Defense
Economy: Economy
Education: Education
Energy and Gas Prices: Energy/Gas Prices
Environment: Environment
Foreign Relations: Foreign Relations
Federal and State Grants: Grants~ Federal/State
Guns and Firearms: Guns/Firearms
Hospitals and Health Care: Health Care General/Hospitals
Support for Health Care Reform: Health Care Reform - Support
Opposition to Health Care Reform: Health Care Reform - Oppose
Homeland Security: Homeland Security
Housing: Housing
Immigration: Immigration
Iraq: Iraq
Judicial Nominations: Judicial Nominations
Labor: Labor
"Medicare, Medicaid and Prescription Drugs": Medicare/Medicaid/Prescription Drugs
Postal Issues: Postal Issues
Prime Hook: Prime Hook
Reproductive Choice: Reproductive Choice
Science and Technology: "Science & Technology"
Senior Citizens: Seniors
Social Security: Social Security
Tax Reform: Tax Reform
Domestic Trade: Trade - Domestic
Foreign Trade: Trade - Foreign
Transportation: Transportation
Telecommunications: TV/Radio/Internet/Telecommunications
Veterans: "Veteran's Issues"
Welfare: Welfare
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