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bioguide: F000463
method: post
action: ""
- visit: ""
- fill_in:
- name: field_2A913E5F-016D-49CA-B284-B4A1B186F01D
selector: "#field_2A913E5F-016D-49CA-B284-B4A1B186F01D"
value: $NAME_FIRST
required: true
- name: field_2E235441-E702-4D0D-A75B-85D6F316586C
selector: "#field_2E235441-E702-4D0D-A75B-85D6F316586C"
value: $NAME_LAST
required: true
- name: field_22790971-8CB2-4478-9B93-C3EC8AA88912
selector: "#field_22790971-8CB2-4478-9B93-C3EC8AA88912"
required: true
- name: field_240E9B49-C4D2-44CF-830E-298C55A40443
selector: "#field_240E9B49-C4D2-44CF-830E-298C55A40443"
required: true
- name: field_0C3F47BF-CEC6-4900-B077-223949219C54
selector: "#field_0C3F47BF-CEC6-4900-B077-223949219C54"
value: $ADDRESS_ZIP5
required: true
- name: field_E4CDE960-384D-4AED-BA80-2E2BE81190E6
selector: "#field_E4CDE960-384D-4AED-BA80-2E2BE81190E6"
value: $PHONE
required: true
- name: field_C3E69C90-7D25-46BB-AFD5-1F126572E8A7
selector: "#field_C3E69C90-7D25-46BB-AFD5-1F126572E8A7"
value: $EMAIL
required: true
- name: field_6EB9E15B-F29D-4876-9F0F-53E314172579
selector: "#field_6EB9E15B-F29D-4876-9F0F-53E314172579"
value: $SUBJECT
required: true
- name: field_BFF13EA3-37AD-467A-BB61-750F5CCE59E8
selector: "#field_BFF13EA3-37AD-467A-BB61-750F5CCE59E8"
value: $MESSAGE
required: true
- select:
- name: field_30DA42C5-F1DD-4674-8C1D-6E047A20A190
selector: "#field_30DA42C5-F1DD-4674-8C1D-6E047A20A190"
value: $TOPIC
required: true
Please select a Subject: noSelect
Agriculture: Agriculture
Banking: Banking
Budget: Budget
"Defense,Terrorism": Defense
Economy: Economy
Education: Education
Energy: Energy
Environment: Environment
Federal Government: Government
Foreign Affairs: Foreign Affairs
Health: Health
Housing: Housing
Immigration: Immigration
Intelligence/National Security: Intelligence
Judiciary: Judiciary
"Labor,Unemployment Issues": Labor
Medicaid/Medicare: Healthcare
Science and Technology: Science and Technology
Senior Issues: Senior Issues
Second Amendment Rights: Second Amendment Rights
Small Business: Small Business
Social Security: Social Security
Taxes: Taxes
Telecommunications: Communications
Trade: Trade
Transportation: Transportation
"Veterans' Affairs": Veterans
Welfare: Welfare
Other: Other
- javascript:
- value: document.querySelector("#field_BFF13EA3-37AD-467A-BB61-750F5CCE59E8").value = document.querySelector("#field_BFF13EA3-37AD-467A-BB61-750F5CCE59E8").value.replace(/"/g, '');
- click_on:
- value: Submit
selector: input.btn.btn-primary
status: 200
contains: Thank you