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bioguide: L000397
method: get
action: /contact/contactform.htm
- visit: ""
- fill_in:
- name: zip5
selector: "form.zipform input[name='zip5']"
value: $ADDRESS_ZIP5
required: true
- name: zip4
selector: "form.zipform input[name='zip4']"
value: $ADDRESS_ZIP4
required: true
- click_on:
- value: Submit
selector: "form.zipform input[type='submit'][value='Submit']"
- find:
- selector: "#contact input[name='required-first']"
- javascript:
- value: "'style,[rel=\"stylesheet\"],[type=\"text/css\"]'), function(element){ try{ element.parentNode.removeChild(element) } catch(err){} });"
- fill_in:
- name: required-first
selector: "#contact input[name='required-first']"
value: $NAME_FIRST
required: true
- name: required-last
selector: "#contact input[name='required-last']"
value: $NAME_LAST
required: true
- name: required-address
selector: "#contact input[name='required-address']"
required: true
- name: required-city
selector: "#contact input[name='required-city']"
required: true
- name: required-email
selector: "#contact input[name='required-email']"
value: $EMAIL
required: true
- name: phone
selector: "#contact input[name='phone']"
value: $PHONE
required: true
- name: required-message
selector: "#contact textarea[name='required-message']"
value: $MESSAGE
required: true
- select:
- name: required-prefix
selector: "#contact select[name='required-prefix']"
required: true
Mr.: Mr.
Mrs.: Mrs.
Ms.: Ms.
Dr.: Dr.
Rev.: Rev.
- name: required-issue
selector: "#subject"
value: $TOPIC
required: true
Agriculture: AGR
Animals: ANIM
Arts: ARTS
Banking and Finance: FIN.BANK
Budget: BUD
Constitutional Law: CONST.LAW
Criminal Law: CRI.LAW
Defense: DEF
Economy: ECON
Education: EDU
Employment: EMPLOY
Elections: ELEC.CAMP
Energy: ENE
Environment: ENV
Foreign Affairs: FOR
Health Care: HEA.CARE
Homeland Security: HOM
Housing: HOU
Human Rights: HUMAN RIGHTS
Immigration: IMM
Intel Property: IP.PAT.COPY
Judiciary: JUD
Natural Resources: NAT.RES
Preventing Gun Violence: GUN CONTROL
Science: SCI.NASA
Seniors Issues: SEN
Social Security: SOC
Tax: TAX
Technology: TECH
Telecommunications: TELE.INT
Trade: TRD
Transportation: TRN
Veterans: VET
Womens Issues: WOM
Other Issue: OTHER
- javascript:
- value: document.querySelector("#contact textarea[name='required-message']").value = document.querySelector("#contact textarea[name='required-message']").value.replace(/"/g, '');
- javascript:
- value: "document.querySelector('form#contact').submit();"
- wait:
- value: 3
- find:
- selector: "#ctl00_ctl13_ContentTable > tbody > tr:nth-child(2) > td #ctl00_ctl13_ctl00_Text"
status: 200
contains: Thank you
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