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bioguide: M001190
method: post
action: ""
- visit: ""
- fill_in:
- name: form_fields[name]
selector: "#form-field-name"
required: true
- name: form_fields[field_1d46919]
selector: "#form-field-field_1d46919"
value: $NAME_FIRST
required: true
- name: form_fields[field_bdcaff9]
selector: "#form-field-field_bdcaff9"
value: $NAME_LAST
required: true
- name: form_fields[field_00c2cf4]
selector: "#form-field-field_00c2cf4"
required: true
- name: form_fields[field_5ce9e4e]
selector: "#form-field-field_5ce9e4e"
required: true
- name: form_fields[field_1037219]
selector: "#form-field-field_1037219"
value: $ADDRESS_ZIP5
required: true
- name: form_fields[email]
selector: "#form-field-email"
value: $EMAIL
required: true
- name: form_fields[field_65932fe]
selector: "#form-field-field_65932fe"
value: $SUBJECT
required: true
- name: form_fields[field_01539f0]
selector: "#form-field-field_01539f0"
value: $MESSAGE
required: true
- select:
- name: form_fields[field_dd4016c]
selector: "#form-field-field_dd4016c"
required: true
Alabama: AL
Alaska: AK
Arizona: AZ
Arkansas: AR
California: CA
Colorado: CO
Connecticut: CT
Delaware: DE
District of Columbia: DC
Florida: FL
Georgia: GA
Hawaii: HI
Idaho: ID
Illinois: IL
Indiana: IN
Iowa: IA
Kansas: KS
Kentucky: KY
Louisiana: LA
Maine: ME
Maryland: MD
Massachusetts: MA
Michigan: MI
Minnesota: MN
Mississippi: MS
Missouri: MO
Montana: MT
Nebraska: NE
Nevada: NV
New Hampshire: NH
New Jersey: NJ
New Mexico: NM
New York: NY
North Carolina: NC
North Dakota: ND
Ohio: OH
Oklahoma: OK
Oregon: OR
Pennsylvania: PA
Rhode Island: RI
South Carolina: SC
South Dakota: SD
Tennessee: TN
Texas: TX
Utah: UT
Vermont: VT
Virginia: VA
Washington: WA
West Virginia: WV
Wisconsin: WI
Wyoming: WY
- name: form_fields[message]
selector: "#form-field-message"
value: $TOPIC
required: true
Agriculture: AGR
Life: LIFE
Animals: AN
Arts and Humanities: AN
Banking: BANK
Budget and Economy: BUD
Campaign Finance: CAMP
Help with a Federal Agency: CASEWORK
Civil Rights/Humanities: CIVIL
Civil Service/Postal: CIVILSERV
Elections: ELECT
Congress: CONGRESS
Department of Defense: DEF
Education: EDU
Environmental: ENV
Family/Marriage: FAM
Federal Employees: FED
Flag Request: FLAG
Food Safety: FOOD
Foreign Relations: FR
Governmental Reform: GOV
Guns: GUN
Health: HEALTH
Homeland Security: HOM
Housing: HOUS
Housing & Urban Development: HUD
Immigration: IMM
Infrastructure: INFRA
Tax: TAX
Jobs and the Economy: JOBS
Judiciary: JUD
Labor: LABOR
Military: MIL
Other Issues: OTHER
Passport Casework: PASSPORTS
Post Office: POST
Science and Technology: SCI
Security: SEC
Senior Citizens: SENIORS
Small Business: SMALL
Social Issues: SOC
Social Services: SOC SERVICES
Social Security: SOC SEC
Medicare: MEDICARE
Medicaid: MEDICAID
Energy: ENERGY
Veterans: VET
- javascript:
- value: document.querySelector("#form-field-field_01539f0").value = document.querySelector("#form-field-field_01539f0").value.replace(/"/g, '');
- click_on:
- selector: .elementor-size-lg
status: 200
contains: ""