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bioguide: R000575
method: post
action: "/htbin/formproc_za/zip-auth.txt&form=/contact-mike/email-me-zip-authenticated&nobase&fpGetVer=2"
- visit: ""
- fill_in:
- name: zip5
selector: "#zip5"
value: $ADDRESS_ZIP5
required: true
- name: zip4
selector: "#zip4"
value: $ADDRESS_ZIP4
required: true
- click_on:
- value: Go To Next Step
selector: "#submit"
- find:
- selector: form.validate.wsbform
- wait:
- value: 5
- fill_in:
- name: required-prefix
selector: "#prefix"
required: true
- name: required-first
selector: "form.validate.wsbform input[name='required-first']"
value: $NAME_FIRST
required: true
- name: required-last
selector: "form.validate.wsbform input[name='required-last']"
value: $NAME_LAST
required: true
- name: required-addr1
selector: "form.validate.wsbform input[name='required-addr1']"
required: true
- name: addr2
selector: "form.validate.wsbform input[name='addr2']"
required: false
- name: required-city
selector: "#city"
required: true
- name: required-state
selector: "#state"
required: true
- name: required-zip5
selector: "form.validate.wsbform input[name='required-zip5']"
value: $ADDRESS_ZIP5
required: true
- name: phone
selector: "#phone"
value: $PHONE
required: false
- name: required-valid-email
selector: "#email"
value: $EMAIL
required: true
- name: msg
selector: "#message"
value: $MESSAGE
required: true
- name: recaptcha_response_field
selector: "input#recaptcha_response_field"
captcha_selector: "img#recaptcha_challenge_image"
captcha_id_selector: "input#recaptcha_challenge_field"
required: true
- select:
- name: required-issue
selector: "#issue"
value: $TOPIC
required: true
Agriculture: AG
Animal Welfare: AN
Arts and Humanities: ART
Banking and Finance: BANK
Budget: BUD
Casework: CASE
Community Development and Organizations: COMMUNITY
Congress and Elections: CONG
Consumer Issues: CMRC
Crime and Drugs: CRIME
Disease Treatment and Research: HE.DISEASE
Economy and Job Creation: ECON
Education: ED
Energy: ENER
Environment: ENV
Ethics: ETH
Food Safety: FOOD
General: GEN
Guns and 2nd Amendment Rights: JUD.GUNS
Healthcare: HE
Homeland Security: HOME
Housing and Urban Development: HUD
Immigration: JUD.IM
International Relations and Human Rights: IR
Judiciary: JUD
Labor: LAB
Medicaid: HE
Medicare: MED
National Security: DEF
Postal Issues: POST
Pro-Life Issues: JUD.AB
Scheduling Requests: SCHE
Science and Technology: SCI
Small Business: SMBU
Social Security: SS
Taxes: TAX
Tele-Comm: COMM
Trade: TRADE
Transportation: TRAN
Troop Benefits: DEF.MIL.BEN
Veterans and Tricare Issues: VET
Welfare: WELF
"Women, Children, and Family": WOMEN
- javascript:
- value: document.querySelector("#message").value = document.querySelector("#message").value.replace(/"/g, '');
- click_on:
- value: Submit Information
selector: "form.validate.wsbform input[name='submit']"
status: 200
contains: Email Me - Thank You