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setmargin preference elicitation
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Preference Elicitation via Set-wise Max-margin

Implementation of the set-wise max-margin (setmargin for short) preference elicitation algorithm.

For details, see the paper:

Stefano Teso, Andrea Passerini, Paolo Viappiani. Constructive Preference Elicitation by Setwise Max-margin Learning. proceedings of 25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. 2016. (To appear)


This package requires the following packages:


To run the IJCAI-16 experiments, simply type:

    python run-synthetic
    python run-pc-with-costs

To perform preference elicitation on a specific dataset with given parameters, type:

    python run $dataset $parameters

For instance, to run 20 trials of length 10 with set size 3 on the synthetic dataset, write:

    python run synthetic -T 20 -n 10 -k 3


    python --help

for a full list of the accepted arguments.


The project is supported by the CARITRO Foundation through grant 2014.0372.

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