Unix-related fixes and basic interactive interpreter #6

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aperezdc commented Oct 1, 2012

This set of commits makes it possible to build ObjectScript for recent GNU/Linux and OpenBSD (both tested by me).

As a bonus, a simple interactive interpreter is added. It will only work under Unix as it uses the libedit library, which unfortunately is not available for Windows. A reasonable replacement for Windows could be MinGWEditLine, or just using the standard input functions (in that case there would be no support for line editing or history).

aperezdc added some commits Oct 1, 2012
@aperezdc aperezdc Use intptr_t for casting pointers to integers
This is more correct and also fixes compilation errors with G++ 4.x
and Clang in Linux.
@aperezdc aperezdc Simple interactive REPL using the libedit library
This implements a simple REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) interactive interpreter
using the BSD-licensed libedit library to read user input and provide input
@aperezdc aperezdc Update .gitignore with .o object files
Compiled object files with .o suffix are common in the Unix world.
@aperezdc aperezdc Simple Makefile for Unix-like systems
Adds a simple Makefile which should work for most of the modern Unix
operating systems that ship GNU Make. Tested under GNU/Linux and
OpenBSD (using gmake port).
@unitpoint unitpoint merged commit b0bb6c6 into unitpoint:master Oct 1, 2012

thanks aperezdc, perfect!

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