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Project Valhalla Demos

This project explores, how JDK Project Valhalla may work with Unit API.

see uom-demos#71

How to Run

To run this demo:

  • First you need to download and install a Valhalla Early-Access Build from Project Valhalla
  • Because of various Maven plugins not supporting Java 14 out of the box yet, please copy settings-template.xml to settings.xml.
  • Change <java.bin>Path-to-your/jdk-14/bin</java.bin> in the new file to the bin folder of your Java 14 Early-Access installation.

After that you should be able to run the most common Maven goals like package or test from your IDE or the command line. Using Maven it should not matter which JDK you use to launch it, because the plugins will automatically use the required Early-Access JDK. If you want to run ValhallaDemo directly instead of the Maven goal exec:exec please add the JDK 14 Early-Access installation as JRE/SDK to your IDE, or adjust your JAVA_HOME in the command line.

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