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Unitus: A Merge-Mined, Multi-Algorithm cryptocurrency with a focus on network security, decentralisation and fair distribution

Please Note: This is the master branch, only stable code releases are available here. Pre-built binaries for common platforms are available in the Releases above. Active development is completed in the dev branch.


  • Modern Wallet - Forked from Bitcoin Core 0.14.2
  • Multi-Algorithm:
    • Lyra2re2 (replaced Blake256 in Feb 2016)
    • Skein
    • Argon2d (replaced Qubit in Jun 2017)
    • X11
    • Yescrypt
  • All algorithms can be merge-mined (AuxPoW)
  • Each algorithmhas a target 5 minute block time, resulting in a 1 minute block time for the whole network
  • Difficulty Retargeting:
    • Each algorithm re-targets every block for that algorithm
    • Uses average block time for past 10 blocks to steer difficulty towards the target block time
    • Maximum change of 5% up or down during normal mining phase, but first 1999 blocks allowed 20% change up or down
  • Fair Distribution:
    • No Premine / IPO / ICO / Developer Donation.
    • First 2,000 blocks increase from 1 UIS to 100 UIS (approx. 33 Hours) - total 31,799 UIS
    • Every 7 days / 10,080 blocks thereafter the reward decays by 1% (compound)
    • Decay continues until we reach 2 UIS (approx. June 2022, block 3,933,199, total 98,830,980 UIS) - and then this remains static for each block thereafter
    • Mined blocks mature after 180 confirmations
  • No free transactions - minimum fee is 0.01 UIS
  • Peer-to-Peer Port: 50603
  • RPC Port: 50604
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