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⚛️ Unity Atoms

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Tiny modular pieces utilizing the power of Scriptable Objects


Unity Atoms is derived from and a continuation of Ryan Hipple's talk from Unite 2017. The original source code can be found here.

This talk by Richard Fine is a forerunner to Ryan Hipple's talk during Unite 2016.


The general approach to building scripts in Unity often generates a code base that is monolithic. This results in that your code is cumbersome to test, non-modular and hard to debug and understand.

Unity Atoms is an open source library that aims to make your game code:

  • 📦 Modular - avoid scripts and systems directly dependent on each other
  • ✏️ Editable - Scriptable Objects makes it possible to make changes to your game at runtime
  • 🐛 Debuggable - modular code is easier to debug than tightly coupled code



Prerequisite: Since Unity Atoms is using the Unity Package Manager (UPM) you need to use Unity version 2018.3 >=

Add the following to your manifest.json (which is located under your project location in the folder Packages):

    "scopedRegistries": [
            "name": "NPM Registry",
            "url": "",
            "scopes": [
    "dependencies": {
        "com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-core": "4.5.0",
        "com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-base-atoms": "4.5.0",
        "com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-fsm": "4.5.0",
        "com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-mobile": "4.5.0",
        "com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-mono-hooks": "4.5.0",
        "com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-tags": "4.5.0",
        "com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-scene-mgmt": "4.5.0",
        "com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-ui": "4.5.0",
	    "com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-input-system": "4.5.0",

Note that the core and base atoms packages are mandatory while the others are optional. If you don't want a subpackage, simply remove it from your dependencies. Note that subpackages may have additional dependencies.


The package is available on the openupm registry. It's recommended to install it via openupm-cli.

# required
openupm add com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-core
openupm add com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-base-atoms

# optional
openupm add com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-fsm
openupm add com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-mobile
openupm add com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-mono-hooks
openupm add com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-tags
openupm add com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-scene-mgmt
openupm add com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-ui
openupm add com.unity-atoms.unity-atoms-input-system


The Unity Atoms docs are now published at

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How does it work?

Read this article on Medium for a great introduction to Unity Atoms.

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