export framebuffer, GBuffer or any RenderTextures from Unity to file. supported format: png, exr, gif, webm, mp4
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This plugin allow you to capture framebuffer, G-buffer and audio and output to file. Supported file formats are exr, png, gif, webm, mp4, wav, ogg and flac. You may also interested in FrameRecorder.

Supported platforms are Windows and Mac. (Also confirmed to work on Linux, but you need to build plugin from source)


  1. Import this package to your project: FrameCapturer.unitypackage
  2. Add recorder component to camera (Add Component -> UTJ -> FrameCapturer -> * Recorder)
  3. Setup recorder settings and capture

There are 3 recorder components: MovieRecorder, GBufferRecorder and AudioRecorder.

  • MovieRecorder: capture framebuffer and audio.
  • GBufferRecorder: capture G-buffer (depth buffer, albedo buffer, normal buffer, etc). This is useful for composite process in movie making. Rendering path must be deferred to use this recorder.
  • AudioRecorder: just capture audio. This is also useful for movie making.


Currently MP4 recordering is available only on Windows.

Example Outputs: