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This project is unmaintained, but feel free to fork it.


It's a GUI framework for Unity that aims to keep things as simple as possible while keeping draw calls to an absolute minimum. I am developing this in tandem with my Deus Ex-based game project The Vongott Chronicles


GI frameworks for Unity are overpriced, and the built-in API is a ridiculous resource hog with every widget requiring one or more draw calls each. And we can't expect Unity to provide a decent UI system "sometime in the future", when we are ready to develop games now :) So this framework is using the OpenGL API to render widgets, and trying its best to be simple and easy to use at the same time.



Documentation and tutorials

In the wiki


I have created widgets, but nothing is displaying. What might be wrong?

Make sure your OGPage object is the current one, and make sure your OGRoot object has a Camera component

Where are the tutorials and documentation?

In the wiki

What about examples?

This repository serves as one. Just download/clone the whole thing.

How can I align objects relatively to the screen?

The "anchor" and "pivot" properties of the OGWidget and subclasses take care of that.

How do I deal with different aspect ratios?

Make sure to use "anchor" and "stretch" to position your content, if you want it to be flexible.