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Universal Ctags Win32/64 daily builds

This project provides daily builds of universal-ctags for Win32/64.

You can download the zip packages from the releases page.

Four types of packages are provided:

  • ctags-{ctagsver} x64 package
  • ctags-{ctagsver} x64 debug symbol files
  • ctags-{ctagsver} x86 package
  • ctags-{ctagsver} x86 debug symbol files

{ctagsver} can be an exact tag name of the ctags repository (when the latest commit is tagged) or a generated name in the format of YYYY-MM-DD_{tag}-N-gHHHHHHHH (when the latest commit is not tagged).

x64/x86 package includes stripped binaries. If you want to debug the binaries on GDB, extract the package and the debug symbol files into the same directory, and also put the ctags source code there.

There are also experimental packages that are built with Clang and linked against Universal CRT:

  • ctags-{ctagsver} x64 package built with Clang
  • ctags-{ctagsver} clang-x64 debug symbol files
  • ctags-{ctagsver} x86 package built with Clang
  • ctags-{ctagsver} clang-x86 debug symbol files

Hopefully, the issue reported at #3014 is solved.


Starting from the build 2017-10-14/d9944ef9, Universal Ctags doesn't load ~/.ctags and other exuberant-ctags compatible configuration files. See man/ctags.1.html and man/ctags-incompatibilities.7.html in the zip packages. Also refer to #1519.

Starting from the build 2019-10-03/70b44e7d, the default directory separator has been changed from \\ to /. This should improve the compatibilities to Exuberant Ctags, however if you still have a compatibility issue, try --output-format=e-ctags option. Also refer to #2199 and #1325.

Starting from the build 2019-12-10/9f494f08, Universal Ctags uses the UTF-8 code page on Windows 10 version 1903 or later. This allows you to use Unicode file names on u-ctags. Also refer to #2360 and #1837.


Universal Ctags itself (which is in the ctags subdirectory) is licensed under GPL 2 (or later).