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CMake parser

The CMake parser is used for .cmake and CMakeLists.txt files. It generates tags for the following items:

  • User-defined functions
  • User-defined macros
  • User-defined options created by option()
  • Variables defined by set()
  • Targets created by add_custom_target(), add_executable() and add_library()

The parser uses the experimental multi-table regex ctags options to perform the parsing and tag generation.


Names that are ${} references to variables are not tagged.

For example, given the following:

add_executable( ${PROJECT_NAME_STR} ... )
add_custom_target( ${PROJECT_NAME_STR}_tests ... )
add_library( sharedlib ... )

...the variable PROJECT_NAME_STR and target sharedlib will both be tagged, but the other targets will not be.