UTO aims to be an unambiguous output format for test runners.
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Universal Test Output


UTO aims to be an unambiguous output format for test runners.


The first non-space character of each line is the control character. What follows a control character varies, but is not important to the meaning of the line (except %, pragma). Lines may be indented by space characters ( ); leading spaces are ignored. Empty lines are allowed but are also ignored. Lines have no max width and end with a line feed (\n). Consuming programs should read line by line until end of transmission (^D).

  • % pragma: communicate metadata to a consumer
    • uto vX.Y: specify the specification and major and minor version. this line must be first and is required
    • count N: optional hint to specify how many tests and/or groups should follow at the current level. does not specify test count in nested groups. N must be a non-negative integer and must be honored
  • " comment: apply to the line above, not below
  • . pass: passing test. use the remainder of the line to specify which test
  • ? skip: skip test
  • ! fail: failing test
  • ( open: the remainder of the line may be taken to be the group label. groups may be nested
  • ) close

Sample Output

% uto v1.0

% count 5

. nice. a passing test

! woops! this one failed!
  " comments are attached to whatever line preceded
  " and can span multiple lines

" comments don't have to be indented (nothing does actually). this comment still applies to the failure above

? pending. this lets you know the test was skipped on purpose

. another passing test

( start a group. this is the label
  % count 3
  . assert 1 + 1 == 2

  ( nested group
    " groups can be nested, but please don't get carried away

  ! assert 0 == 1
) end group