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HTML5 Games Example

This is an example project that shows how to integrate Universal Uclick's HTML5 Games in an iOS UIWebView.

To get this running

Make a copy of the file located inside HTMLGamesExample/Secrets.plist.example, and name it Secrets.plist. This file should then reside at...


Open the project in Xcode and make sure to plug your Universal Uclick Client ID and Authorization Key in the Secrets.plist file. Then just build and run!

In detail

The game engine loads itself via JavaScript into an iframe that the JavaScript creates on the page. This JavaScript is coded into -[UUDetailViewController gameHtmlForKey:], which returns an HTML string with that JavaScript inside of it. That JavaScript gets customized in that same method based on a few things.

  1. Your Application Bundle ID. This must be provided to Universal Uclick when you purchase an HTML5 Game package. (For example, this application's ID is com.universaluclick.HTMLGamesExample.)
  2. Your Universal Uclick Client ID. This will be given to you by Universal Uclick.
  3. Your Authorization Key. This will also be given to you by Universal Uclick.
  4. The desired game key. In this app, those keys are located at -[UUMasterViewController games], or as follows:
    • Crossword: crossword or fcx
    • Sudoku: sudoku or sudoc
    • Word Roundup: wordroundup or ucwr
    • Up and Down Words: upanddownwords or ucudw
    • PlayFour: playfour or pff

That string of HTML is then loaded into a UIWebView using the method -[UIWebView loadHTMLString:baseURL:], as demonstrated in -[UUDetailViewController setGameKey:].


Contact Universal Uclick Client Support if you need any assistance in implementing your HTML5 Games. If you have any other questions, please contact Universal Uclick's Sales department.