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This repository collects some resources for preparing the article on representing small lattices as congruence lattices of finite algebras. The LaTeX files for the article itself are in the article directory.

Visitors, for questions, comments, or suggestions please contact the authors listed below, or post a message on the wiki pages, or submit an issue.

Authors, to keep track of todo items use the issue tracker, or post your comments on the wiki pages.

git at the command line

First, stage your latest changes for commit.

git add SmallLatticeReps.tex

Then, commit your changes locally.

git commit -m "change this part because..."

Next, pull down the latest remote changes.

git pull

This might ask you to commit a merge message. Do it! If git isn't able to do the merge automatically, it will give you a message indicating that and then you'll need to do a manual merge, which is a giant pain in the ass. A merge tool like meld might be helpful. You could also try git diff to see differences between local and remote versions.

Finally, push your merged local repo to the remote repo.

git push origin master

compiling the document

In case there were additional references added since last time you compiled, you should first delete the file inputs/refs.bib. Then do

pdflatex SmallLatticeReps.tex
bibtex SmallLatticeReps.aux
pdflatex SmallLatticeReps.tex
pdflatex SmallLatticeReps.tex

You could also try typing make at the command line. It might work. It might not work.

Emacs/Magit workflow

This section describes a few basic commands for committing and pushing changes directly from Emacs using magit.

To install magit

  1. Put the following in your .emacs file:

     ;; For Magit
     (setq package-archives '(("gnu" . "")
     ("marmalade" . "")
     ("melpa" . "")))
     ;; If you want to use magit, install the magit package
     ;; (if you haven't done so already) with the following commands:
     ;; \M package-refresh-contents
     ;; \M package-install [Enter] magit
     (define-key global-map "\M-gm" 'magit-status)
  2. Restart emacs and do

     M-x package-install <enter>
     magit <enter>

use magit

  1. Activate the magit status buffer with M-x g m.

  2. Move the point down to appropriate line in the Unstanged changes section and hit the s key.

  3. Type c c.

  4. write a commit message, hopefully explaining why (not what) changes were made.

  5. Type C-c C-c to commit the changes.

  6. Type P P to push the changes to github.


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