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Downloading repository

git clone
cd UniversalLoginSDK

Running example and creating an identity

cd universal-login-example/
yarn dev:start

This will do a number of things for you:

  • runs local ganache on localhost:18545
  • deploy a couple of example ens domains
  • runs relayer on
  • runs web application on localhost:1234

You can now go to localhost:1234 and create your identity using mylogin.eth domain.

When creating identity it is given balance in ClickToken that you can spend to pay for transactions.

Don't close it down. You will use it for developing your own app.

Creating own project

Navigate to universal-login-boilerplate and start playing. The project has already a number of things set up:

  • ES6 and React compilation
  • Dependency on universal-login-sdk
  • An example view in react that allows to connect to exiting identity

Build app and start web server with:

yarn start

Note: the port for example and the boilerplate app will conflict, but the boilerplate app will randomize other port so that it will run successfully.

Play around!