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Learn about the exciting features and announcements revealed at this year’s annual GitHub Universe conference at historic Pier 70 in San Francisco.

Code better with Reviews

Professional-grade code review has come to Pull Requests. Draft multiple comments, and submit once. Give your teammate a :shipit:, or request changes. Protect your branches from unreviewed code.

Review changes

Code review is one of the most important jobs of any software developer. Give feedback, discuss implementation details, and consistently ship the highest quality code with our new Reviews.

Reviews also allow you to leave an additional summary comment, instantly giving more context to any review.

Approve or require changes

You’re no longer left on your own to figure out if a comment was important. Or if that emoji means “Go ahead, looks great!” Or “Please no, this is likely going to bring the site down!”

With Reviews, you can leave your comments as suggestions, approve the changes, or request additional changes—on any pull request.

Draft multiple comments

Draft multiple code comments before submitting any of them. When you’re ready, submit every one of your comments as one packaged review, meaning your teammates receive just one email.

Reply to any comment

We’ve brought multiple comment threads to code review. Leave your own comment along with your larger review, or reply to someone else’s inline to close the loop.

Protect your merges

Prevent changes to your codebase with Protected Branches. Administrators can configure repositories to require pull requests have at least one approval and no requested changes before merging.

Coming soon

Request reviews

Bundling your code review comments was just the first step. We’re working on a handful of follow-up feature improvements, including the ability to request reviews from your peers.

Manage your ideas

Projects seamlessly integrates project management into your development process. You can reference every Issue and Pull Request with a card—and with Notes, you’ll never miss an idea from your weekly planning sync.


Projects utilize boards, a popular format among project management tools that supports long-term planning and easy prioritization.


Every Issue and Pull Request in a Project can be referenced as a card, a drag-and-droppable snapshot of the work your teams do in your repository.


With Notes, you can capture every early idea that comes up as part of your standup or team sync, without polluting your list of issues.

Powerful search

It’s super easy to add new issues and pull requests to your project. Use our handy search commands, and drag-n-drop to your heart’s content.


Every column in a project can be customized to best suit your team’s needs—create, reorder, rename, and delete them as needed.

See what’s behind your green squares

GitHub profiles show your life and career as a developer. We’ve taken the contribution graph to new heights with your GitHub timeline—a snapshot of your most important triumphs and contributions.

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Your GitHub story

Your first day as a developer, your first pull request opened, your first day on the job—look back at all the moments that tell your story as a developer.

Pinned repositories

Showcase the work you’re most proud of on your profile with pinned repositories. Drag and drop repositories to order them just the way you like.

A platform we can build on, together

We’re building the best software developer platform in the world. To get there, we’re sharing more than ever with a public platform roadmap, early access programs, and a new forum.

Early access

The future of building on

From finer permissions to per-repository access, our new Integrations platform has been built to treat integrations as first class actors on GitHub.

Integrations can act on behalf of themselves without taking up a paid seat when installed. No more per user installs that break when the user leaves the organization.

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Travis CI CircleCI ZenHub Waffle

Join these amazing partners in our early access program.

Early access

GraphQL API.
A brand new way to build with GitHub.

GitHub’s GraphQL API simplifies software development by providing developers with access to all the data they need, and only the data they need, with a single API call.

With the GitHub GraphQL API, you get the same API we’re using to build GitHub features.

Platform Roadmap

We’re publishing a new Platform Roadmap that demonstrates features and changes GitHub Platform Engineers are launching next.

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Platform Forums

Our new GitHub Platform Forum provides a direct communication channel between ecosystem developers and GitHub engineers.

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Open for business

Organizations on GitHub are the best way for teams of developers to build and ship software together, and with the added security of two-factor authentication enforcement and upcoming product enhancements, they’ve never been better.

Easily enforce security.
Suspend and fully restore access as needed.

Organization administrators can now require members to have two-factor authentication enabled, making easier than ever for organizations to enforce security policies requiring multiple authentication methods.

When you setup two-factor enforcement, we’ll confirm the list of members affected before enabling it. As always, admins can invite members back once their security is up to speed.

Two-factor authentication helps keep accounts secure by requiring a password and another form of identification (i.e. SMS code, TOTP app).

SAML, coming right up.

We’re working on our next big update to GitHub organizations—single sign-on with SAML. Sign up here to be the first to know about our beta.

Building the best communities

We’re building new tools to support our community of more than 16 million developers. Take a look at all you’ve accomplished in this year’s Octoverse, and learn about our upcoming Community Forum.

Coming 2017

Community Forum

Come talk shop, get help, and learn together with GitHub and your fellow developers at the GitHub Community Forum, arriving in 2017.

State of the Octoverse

The past year has been an amazing year for building software better, together. Join us on a trip through the GitHub Octoverse as we present some of the highlights from the last twelve months, and the eight years we’ve shared with you.

Explore the GitHub Octoverse

Love, GitHub

Watch the featured short and animation that debuted during this year’s opening Universe keynote.