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University of Games

Free #assets and guided pathways for mastering game development in #Unity

Do you create indie games? 🎮

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Everything we do goes beyond the framework of schematic services. We rise above monotony and patterns. We overcome limitations to create a new perspective and broaden our horizons. That is why we are interested in art which inspires us to act. Outstanding representatives of abstract art, abandoning patterns and choosing their own way of thinking, set new directions of development. Works were created that have never been seen before.

With over a decade of experience in professional game development, we want to share our fine-tuned, reusable solutions to common problems including best business practices allowing you to improve your productivity.

You don't need to spend your creative time anymore.

We will take care of it.


  1. Everything you need to start simple 2D game. This repository contains starter pack of Coins Pack, Start Pack, Potion Pack and Diamonds Pack made by University of Games.


  2. Free source code for completed 2D character controller with camera in Unity




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