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@univrsal univrsal released this Aug 19, 2019 · 19 commits to legacy since this release

Note: This release changes how config files are loaded

If you used your own preset you will have to modify the config file like this:
each line containing a value (eg. 1_key_count=2) has to be changed.
The only part that has to be modified is the 1_ (or in some cases 2_ or 3_) which
specifies the value type (number, string etc). All you have to do is shift the number down by one,
so the line 1_key_count=2 turns into 0_key_count=2, 2_key_order=... turns into 1_key_order=... etc.

Fixed memory leak when loading input history icons
Fixed config loading for input history icons
Fixed arrow key icons preset using old config value types
Fixed spacebar offset in wasd presets


Backported new gamepad code
Fixed gamepad not working
Fixed presets not being loaded correctly


this archive contains additional programs to get keycodes easier and debug issues

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