MusicPlayerDaemon Query
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MusicPlayerDaemon Query

mpdq Adding traybar icons to control mpd. To make this work with dwm install the sytray patch. Tested with i3, dwm and Cinnamon!

Use the buttons to:

  • Move to the previous song
  • Move to the next song
  • Play/Pause mpd
  • Scroll up/down to increase/decrease the volume

There are configurable hotkeys for these actions

You can either build it yourself or get the binaries


$ git clone
$ cd ./mpdq
$ make

You might need to adjust the Makefile and to make sure that the compiler finds xlib and libmpdclient


chmod a+x ./mpdq

Requires mpd to be running and a playlist to be present.

Currently the config file allows you to change the following things

  • Scaling of the tray icons
  • Color of the tray icons
  • Whether to display the current song in the dwm title bar (Title of the root window)
  • Changing the update interval
  • Whether to write the current song to a given file
  • Change hotkeys
  • Reverse traybar order for i3