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Modern static blog template.
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Modern static blog template.


How to use

This is the source code of my blog.

You can also use this project to build your own blog.

Run npm init unix-bio or yarn create unix-bio to initialize.

Write & Deploy

First, Please make sure your NodeJS is in the latest version.

  1. In project, run npm i to download dependents.

  2. run npm run post to create your post.

  3. run npm run dev to browse development page.

  4. run npm i -g now && now to deploy. (Default deployment to now)


High optimization

  • High performance optimization thanks to next.js
  • Perfect SEO support
  • High readability
  • Your just need to write

English & Chinese

You can switch languages in the configuration file

Write on MDXJS

  • Full markdown support
  • React Components support
  • More customization possibilities

Dark mode


Social experience


First, do not rename any directories! You can start your writing in the posts folder.

In the root directory of the project, you can change the configuration for your blog:

const BLOG = {
  anthor: 'Witt',               // article anthor, used on `Meta`
  title: 'Witt -',     // website title
  description: 'Witt\'s blog',  // used on `Meta`
  summary: '',                  // one sentence introduction, show on home page
  language: 'en-us',            // 'en-us' or 'zh-cn'
  latestLimit: 5,               // number of home display lists
  labels: {                     // label text
    default: 'default',
    latest: 'latest',
    list: 'all list',
  email: '',                    // about social
  github: 'unix',
  twitter: 'echo_witt',
  domain: '',           // your domain name
  googleAnalytics: 'UA-x',
  cn: true,                     // chinese translation of some characters
  enableViews: false,           // refer to

How to migrate

Timely migration can help you get the latest source code, this includes bug fixes and new features.

Fortunately, we have a easy to use migrate tool, just run:

npx unix-bio migrate

Deploy only static (Not recommended)

In a few scenarios, you may want to deploy your blog on a CDN or other static server. Use the following commands to deploy:

npm run export

After running the command, the generated static file will be in the /out directory.



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