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A Hubot adapter for Talker

Talker is a fast, intuitive and extensible group chat web app.

You should report any issues or submit any pull requests to the Talker adapter repository.

Getting Started

You will also need to edit the package.json for your hubot and add the hubot-talker adapter dependency.

"dependencies": {
  "hubot-talker": ">= 1.0.1",
  "hubot": ">= 2.0.0",

Then save the file, and commit the changes to your hubot's git repository.

If deploying to Heroku you will need to edit the Procfile and change the -a campfire option to -a talker. Or if you're deploying locally you will need to use -a talker when running your hubot.

Configuring the Adapter

The Talker adapter requires only the following environment variables.


Talker Token

This is the Talker API token for the account you created for your hubot. Make a note of it.

Talker Rooms

This is a comma separate list of room ids you wish your hubot to join.

You can find the id of a room in the URL.


Configuring the variables on Heroku

% heroku config:add HUBOT_TALKER_TOKEN="..."

% heroku config:add HUBOT_TALKER_ROOMS="111,222"

Configuring the variables on UNIX

% export HUBOT_TALKER_TOKEN="..."

% export HUBOT_TALKER_ROOMS="111,222"

Configuring the variables on Windows

Coming soon!


Originally contributed to hubot by Victor Castell.