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There's no need to check Refinery.i18n_enabled? anymore because refinerycms-i18n is now a dependency for refinerycms-core thus Refinery::I18n.frontend_locales and Refinery::I18n.default_frontend_locale always will be defined.


Hey guys, sorry for being so late. Not doing so much CMS-related work lately.

I just removed the constant check.

@ugisozols if I'm right this will apply to the next minor release? I won't bump the gem until then to make sure its work fine for people using the rubygems version.

Do you have an idea why travis fail to run the test? Just run them locally and everything seem to work.


Yes, it will apply to next minor release which will be 2.1.0.

Regarding travis - not sure. Error message doesn't say anything useful...

@localstatic localstatic pushed a commit to localstatic/refinerycms-copywriting that referenced this pull request Oct 24, 2013
@unixcharles No more need to check for ::Refinery.i18n_enabled, close #43 e8a271d
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