RefineryCMS engine for music section
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Music engine for Refinery CMS.


This is a plugin that could help you if you need to build a website for a band. Encourage kids to do music, build their web site for free if you can!


Its a music section, with list of tunes, and each song view has:

  • A description
  • Name of the artist/song title
  • player.swf from wpaudioplayer, no javascript dependancy
  • A link to the MP3 file (that you can disable)

The admin interface allow you to create new song and change to colors/settings/size of the flash player.


# Gemfile    
gem 'refinerycms-music'

rails generate refinerycms_music
rake db:migrate


  • Change Admin::MusicSettingsController to support i18n
  • Move the setting to a simple YML file?
  • Integration testing


y0ng for porting the engine to RefineryCMS 9.9

It use the player.swf from wpaudioplayer