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Open-source team collaboration web app inspired by Basecamp, Backpack and Campfire. Built on Ruby on Rails. Use it for free online:
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Teambox Project Manager

A project management software built on Ruby on Rails with a focus on collaboration.

Teambox is project-oriented. Each project is private and can only be accessed by its owner and collaborators. Projects have a status wall, conversations, tasks, shared pages and file uploads.

You can use Teambox online to understand how it works before installing.

Visit the product's site for documentation, community and support:

Teambox: Project Management and Collaboration software


Install missing gems:

  • rake gems:install

Create Your Database

  • rake db:create

Run Migrations

  • rake db:auto:migrate

Edit config files

  • config/teambox.yml: replace the needed values for your own domain name.
  • config/environment.rb: enter your email settings for smtp_settings.

Run the server with ./script/server and go to http://localhost to start using Teambox!

Plugins were using you need to know about

Auto Migrations

You won't see a-lot of migration files in this rails project because we're using an awesome plugin called auto_migrations. Instead of creating migration files you modify the schema file and the run a rake that figures out what it has to do. Its saves alot of time in development. Then when you're ready to share you app for deployment there is a rake to convert your current schema to a migration file. So you'll only have migration files for major revisions.

TODO (Version 2)

  • being able to delete comments and files
  • fixture data, so when were in development we can load up a project quickly

TODO (Version 2.1)

  • project drop down
  • time tracking
  • column filters
  • file revision uploads
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