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python3 script for renaming pictures (and matching raw files) on base of embeded exif / iptc data - date, camera name, serial numbers e.g.
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python3 script for renaming pictures (and matching (raw, xml, txt, ..) files) on base of embedded exif / iptc data - date, camera name, serial numbers e.g.

reads exif data from pictures and rename them used exif tags are:

  • DateTimeOriginal
  • DateTimeOriginal
  • FNumber
  • ExposureTime
  • FocalLength
  • Model
  • ISOSpeedRatings

Working Platform (beta): Linux Target Platform (very early dev): Android

developed with python 3.7, might or might not work with earlier versions of python 3

No waranty it is working for you, too. Please make a backup of your files before testing this.

This programm needs the python library "pillow".

see also: requirements.txt


Install with python3 install to your python environment (you might need to use root / sudo for this). Necessary libraries should be installed automagically, exipicrename will be probably installed to /usr/bin/expicrename.


whithout root: python3 install --user will install it to your user python path (e.g. $HOME/.local/lib/python3.7/site-packages/). Necessary libraries should be installed automagically.

For the script exipicrename you could add $HOME/.local/lib/exipicrename to your $PATH ( for bash put following line to .bashrc: export $PATH=$PATH:/$HOME/.local/lib/expicrename ). (Or do create a symlink to $HOME/bin)


  • install python3-pillow (pip, system package)
  • copy / symlink to your favourite $PATH


exipicrename {options} [files]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --datedir         sort and store pictures to sub-directoriesdepending on
                        DateTimeOriginal (YYYY-MM-DD)
  -o, --ooc             use .ooc.jpg as filename extension (for Out Of Cam
  --oocstring OOCSTRING
                        use string as additional extension, don't forget the
                        '.' as delimiter
  -s, --short, --short-names
                        use short names: only date + serial number, no
                        exhaustive camera data
  -n, --simulate, --dry-run
                        don't rename, just show what would happen
  -V, --version         show the version and exit
  -v, --verbose
  -q, --quiet, --silent

Copyright (c) 2019 Hella Breitkopf,

MIT License -> see LICENSE file

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