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Rake task to convert a Rails database from one platfrom to another, say Postgres to MySQL and back again. Uses two open db adapters and works with binary data in blobs.

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Rake task to convert and transfer a Rails database from one database platform to another using two open db adapters. For example, from Postgres to MySQL, or the reverse.

The task deletes all data in the development database and then transfers the data from the production database into the development database.


  • Nice to RAM on large data sets

  • Works with blobs


  • No writes are happening to either database for the duration of this task.

  • Both schemas are identical (i.e. migrations are at the same VERSION)

  • The development data can be removed and replaced.


For a detailed example please see:

Place convert.rake in your lib/tasks directory.

rake db:convert:prod2dev
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