Project to automate OS X package creation without using the packagemaker GUI
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Latest commit 581a842 Jan 14, 2017 @n8felton n8felton Allow for proper recursive use of make.
Primarily, this allows for the passing of make variables like --dry-run to sub-make.
More detailsa available at


The Luggage is a project to create a wrapper to make Apple PKG format

It does not use the PackageMaker GUI, but it does require that the developer
tools be installed so it can call the command line version.

You can get peer review of a package by examining the diffs between versions
of your Makefile. No more wading through a zillion annoying GUI panes.

Full documentation can be found at

Example packages can be found at

Note : This version adds a command line option to remove the application prior to installation (app2luggage.rb).