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%% This is file `README'.
%% Copyright (C) 2010-2014 Andrzej Lichnerowicz
%% Because some of the code I've based on
%% by Martin R. Ehmsen
%% this package may be distributed under the terms 
%% of the GNU GPL Licence v2+.
%% See file msctexen.sty for details.
%% Internet:

The MscTeXen package version 0.2.0 of 2014/11/12.


This package let's you embed mscgen by Michael McTernan in your LaTeX2e
document. Drawing MSCs (Message Sequence Charts) in your documentation
never was so easy - thanks to Michael, for this great tool.

The package generates eps, converts it to pdf and \includegraphics it.


msc {
  hscale = "2";


  a->b [ label = "ab()" ] ;
  b->c [ label = "bc(TRUE)"];
  c=>c [ label = "process(1)" ];
  c=>c [ label = "process(2)" ];
  c=>c [ label = "process(n)" ];
  c=>c [ label = "process(END)" ];
  a<<=c [ label = "callback()"];
  ---  [ label = "If more to run", ID="*" ];
  a->a [ label = "next()"];
  a->c [ label = "ac1()\nac2()"];
  b<-c [ label = "cb(TRUE)"];
  b->b [ label = "stalled(...)"];
  a<-b [ label = "ab() = FALSE"];

That's it. For more information on mscgen syntax go to:

To install msctexen you need to put `msctexen.sty' on your TeX search path
as root or administrator and run `mktexlsr' or equivalent to update
the TeX file databases.

You need to have mscgen in your exec path. You can download it from:

Shell-escape needs to be activated for mscgen to work.
This can either be done by passing -shell-escape as an option to
latex, by adding/changing "shell_escape = t" in your texmf.cnf


The program msctexen consists of the following files:

Name               Description
README             This file.
msctexen.sty       Used by LaTeX to have msctexen environment.

%% End of file `README'. 


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