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All graphics sources are stored here
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Latest commit 406ba79 @janexx janexx added gui sources
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afrit Added a building and resource tree made by Afrit.
aviler Game icon for mac packages
clearskies/website/grunge_icons Add google puls grunge icon for website.
dauerflucher Sources for the tier 2 boat builder by wentam, retouched by dauerflucher
egore Add Blender version to .blend files
eoc Updated boat builder tab icons
greyghost Add Blender version to .blend files
inken/units Add Blender version to .blend files
janexx added gui sources
kaschte Add models of alvearies and vineyard
kilian Removed some outdated files, updated README and added an LICENSE file…
linuxdonald Moved some unused gfx to gfx repo
manthus Add building blend files and renderings
mssssm Add Blender version to .blend files
old_source Add Blender version to .blend files
orakeldel Add Blender version to .blend files
terwarf Add brickyard source made by terwarf.
unknownscribe Add tier 3 warehouse and roof dirt texture.
viktorias Add citizens marketplace
wentam Remove tier 2 boat builder by wentam Update license part, provide example for derived work. Update repo organisation files. Update README, now represents the workflow. export + update

  1. Make new art or modify some
  2. Take care of!
  3. Push changes :)
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