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ChrisOelmueller committed Jun 23, 2011
1 parent e98358f commit 676ff5a6d6d0b659dbe1efe3104d926f6b6d6ca0
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+# Reads a list of names (one per line) from file given by first parameter.
+# Then prints sqlite command to insert the names into the table specified
+# by second argument (city or ship).
+# The third parameter could e.g. read fisher, trader, pirate, player where
+# these are sensible.
+# No escaping, no errors caught, just a plain stupid one-liner.
+# Names suitable for more than one category would need manual fixes too.
+# (else they are added more than once to the respective databases)
+# example invocation: ./ namefile ship trader
+cat $1 | while read line; do
+ echo "INSERT INTO $2names (name,for_$3) VALUES ('$line','1');"

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