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This page is meant to give you (the artist) a central place to find any information needed to get involved in the creation of graphics for Unknown Horizons.

Talk with other developers

  • Our main place of discussion is our IRC chat channel #unknown-horizons on Get there by using webchat (no installation required) or your IRC client of choice.
  • Discuss your contributions in our forums: Contributions section of our forums

Basic Information

Currently Needed Graphics

This section lists all the currently needed graphics grouped by release. The upcoming release always has the highest priority. Specifications are listed in the tickets linked with the list items.

Upcoming release

Generally, please check at the issue tracker directly, the report is found here and in the sidebar of all artist-related pages: Github Graphics Report

There, you'll find all information up to date. Something without assigned milestone is stuff we want, but don't urgently need at the moment.

We are still very happy to implement it however because usually having more content is great!


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