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MediaHub is a video/audio aggregator for educational institutions, and is currently running at

##Reasons why MediaHub might be a good idea for your institution:

  • RSS Feeds for syndication to other sites (iTunes U)
  • iTunes and iTunes U Attributes included in RSS Feeds
  • Captioning integration with Amara Universal Subtitles
  • Support for multiple users and channels
  • Complete branding control, with no external advertisements
  • Local storage
  • HTML5 video and audio support
  • Caption support on all iOS devices
  • Integrates with enterprise authentication systems
  • Web Services and APIs, including XML, JSON, partial HTML views
  • Sample scripts for importing from existing RSS Feeds


cp config.sample.php
cp sample.htaccess .htaccess

Database: Create a database for mediahub

mysql -u root
GRANT ALL ON mediahub.* TO mediahub@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'mediahub';
mysql -u mediahub -p mediahub < UNL_MediaHub/data/mediahub.sql

username: mediahub password: mediahub Create the database using the data/mediahub.sql


  • PHP 5
  • PDO Mysql