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The undergraduate bulletin for UNL
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The UNL Undergraduate Bulletin

This is the source for the UNL Undergraduate Bulletin website.


Required: PHP 5.3

The www dir is where the web files are stored, and should be the served root. Copy the www/sample.htaccess to www/.htaccess and configure as necessary. Copy the config.sample.php to


Every edition is stored in a separate data/[year] directory, corresponding to the year of the fall term. The data/2012 directory is for the 2012-2013 bulletin year.

New Editions

New editions are created by duplicating the folder for the current edition, to a new directory.

cp -rp data/2014 data/2015
git add data/2015
git commit -m "Create new edition"

There is a static file which contains the list of all the editions, and which one to consider the latest published edition: src/UNL/UndergraduateBulletin/Editions.php Edit this file with the information on which bulletins exist, and which is the latest.

Once the new edition has been created, notify the Curriculum Request team (Nick Barry, Casey Nugent).


Course Information

Course data is pulled from the web service and is cached within the data/[year]/creq directory. Run the update_course_data.php script to retrieve the latest course data.

Four Year Plans & Learning Outcomes

The Four Year Plan and Learning Outcome information comes from the Curriculum Request system as JSON data. Run the update_plan_data.php or update_learning_outcome_data.php script to grab the latest information.

College & Major Requirements Text

College, major, and minor information is stored in the data/[year]/ directory.

The XHTML files are edited through the Curriculum Request system,

Once edits have been approved in the Curriculum Request System, a Pull Request will be opened from the corresponding branch on the Curriculum Request fork. If all the Travis-CI tests pass, that's a good indication that the changes can be merged in.

There is a one-to-one mapping between each Major/Minor and the College it belongs to. The college association is contained within the "Quick Points" section of the file.

The original source of these files was epub exports from Adobe InDesign.

Major to Subject Code Mapping

Every major/minor can have subject codes associated with it. These subject codes are displayed in a tab on the major information page.


The data/[year]/major_to_subject_code.csv file is where these associations come from. Once any edits to this file have been made, run the scripts/major_to_subject_code.php script to create a serialized copy of this data in data/[year]/major_to_subject_code.php.ser.


All output is cached within a temp directory, such as tmp/unlcache_5174748813ed8803e7651fae9d2d077f_* files.

tmpwatch is a tool that can be used to clean out the cache on a regular basis.

Sample: sudo /usr/sbin/tmpwatch --force --mtime --nodirs 1 /var/www/html/ /var/www/html/


Libraries are bundled within the includes directory. This is a Pyrus controlled registry of PEAR installable packages.

php pyrus.phar includes list-packages

The current bundled dependencies are:


To upgrade an individual package, use: php pyrus.phar includes upgrade unl/UNL_Autoload

API Information

Course Data

The XML follows a fairly straightforward schema. This application provides web services, tied to each yearly bulletin/catalog edition, since the requirements and course descriptions change.

The "partial" output allows individual sites to pull in the content via an XMLHTTP request, and inject that HTML directly within their page(s). We send Cross Origin Resource Sharing headers, so the content can be included across different domains.

Four-Year-Plan Data

Four-year-plan data is available in JSON and partial HTML output:

Learning Outcome data

The Learning outcome data is available in partial HTML output:


To run the test suite, use PEAR, Pyrus, or PHPUnit.

phpunit tests
pyrus run-phpt -r tests
pear run-tests -r tests

Travis-CI is connected to the main GitHub repository. and will run automatically for pull requests and pushes to the master branch.

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