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UNL WDN Templates

The template files are developed and maintained by the Web Developer Network (WDN) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These templates are made up of HTML, CSS and JS to power the underlying web presence.

Template Usage

Template usage is subject to the WDN Terms of Use.

Templates Available

All templates variations utilize the same HTML markup, with an exception of the body class, ex: class="document".


All members of the WDN are invited to contribute to this project. Please make a fork of the main repository for local development. Once you have created and tested your code, please send a pull request to the main repository.

Building Template Resources

Much of the template CSS and JavaScript is built using aggregators, preprocessors, and/or "minifiers". You can build a local copy of these resources with the following instructions as your guide.

The resources are built using a standard Makefile for GNU Make. The Makefile uses a few additional build dependencies that MUST be installed prior to building.

  • Git -- version control system
  • NodeJS -- used to run the libraries that process and minimize LESS and JS files

NOTE: This repository uses symlinks for certain NodeJS library binaries (lessc, r.js). Some environments do not support symlinks well. So, if you experience build issues, please attempt to globally install the following node modules from NPM (npm -g install):

  • requirejs
  • less
  • uglify-js

Once all of the above dependencies are met, simply running GNU Make make at the project root will build all resources. The following are all of the supported targets for make.

  • all - builds all needed CSS and JavaScript
  • clean - removes all built files
  • js - builds and minifies combined JS
  • less - builds all CSS files from their LESS counterparts
  • dist - builds the ZIP's used for template distribution

The JavaScript build process can be further customized by passing parameters GNU Make. The following are the flags that are supported.

EXAMPLE: Build for use in a special CDN or server location make RJS_FLAGS="wdnTemplatePath=//"

EXAMPLE: Customize the UNLchat url. Could be useful for integrating a custom instance of UNLchat or for development make RJS_FLAGS="unlChatURl=//"

EXAMPLE: Two or more parameters are separated with a space make RJS_FLAGS="wdnTemplatePath=// unlChatURl=//"

PLEASE NOTE: The build process has been optimized for a Linux or OS X environment. While it is technically possible to build on Windows, the specifics of setting up your environment correctly are beyond the scope of this project.

Further support

Support of the UNL Templates is coordinated and communicated through the WDN.

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