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Remove rem/px function, update px/em/rem values #1040

merged 53 commits into from Dec 21, 2016
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Update breakpoints from pixels to ems

By updating the base font-size from an explicit pixel value to a percentage-based value, we respect a user’s font-size preferences as set in the user’s browser. Likewise, we need to update the breakpoint values to ems so that they change at a rate consistent with the base font-size.
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skoolbus39 committed Dec 12, 2016
commit cecf5535eea27e82726bf7f56b94451a7d7035a9
@@ -1,27 +1,27 @@
// Standard, width-based media queries
@bp480: ~" (min-width: 480px)";
@bp640: ~" (min-width: 640px)";
@bp768: ~" (min-width: 768px)";
@bp960: ~" (min-width: 960px)";
@bp1280: ~" (min-width: 1280px)";
@bp1600: ~" (min-width: 1600px)";
@bp480: ~" (min-width: 30em)";
@bp640: ~" (min-width: 40em)";
@bp768: ~" (min-width: 48em)";
@bp960: ~" (min-width: 60em)";
@bp1280: ~" (min-width: 80em)";
@bp1600: ~" (min-width: 100em)";
// Width-based media queries which shouldn't cascade to other breakpoints
@bp480-767: ~" (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px)";
@bp640-959: ~" (min-width: 640px) and (max-width: 959px)";
@bp768-959: ~" (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px)";
@bp960-1279: ~" (min-width: 960px) and (max-width: 1279px)";
@bp-under480w: ~" (max-width: 479px)";
@bp-under640w: ~" (max-width: 639px)";
@bp-under768w: ~" (max-width: 767px)";
@bp480-767: ~" (min-width: 30em) and (max-width: 47.99em)";
@bp640-959: ~" (min-width: 40em) and (max-width: 59.99em)";
@bp768-959: ~" (min-width: 48em) and (max-width: 59.99em)";
@bp960-1279: ~" (min-width: 60em) and (max-width: 79.99em)";
@bp-under480w: ~" (max-width: 29.99em)";
@bp-under640w: ~" (max-width: 39.99em)";
@bp-under768w: ~" (max-width: 47.99em)";
// Height-based media-queries
@bp-under640h: ~" (max-height: 639px)";
@bp-under640h: ~" (max-height: 39.99em)";
// The navigation breaks from the traditional media queries
@bp-nav-hidden: ~" (max-width: 699px)";
@bp-nav-full: ~" (min-width: 700px)";
@bp-nav-max: ~" (min-width: 1016px)"; // nav toggle width + bp3
@bp-nav-hidden: ~" (max-width: 43.69em)";
@bp-nav-full: ~" (min-width: 43.75em)";
@bp-nav-max: ~" (min-width: 63.5em)"; // nav toggle width + bp3
// Deprecated names
@bp1: @bp480;
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